Scalp Oil

Strengthen, Lengthen, Nourish and Revive. Grow the hair you deserve letting nature give you your confidence back!

An Ayurvedic pure formula regrowth oil perfectly designed to regrow new hair/bald patches.




Wake up your dormant hair follicles whilst nourishing and strengthening hair roots, after all stronger hair starts from the roots.

Our Ayurvedic pure natural formula promotes new hair growth whilst keeping your hair growing for longer periods of time. Nourishing and revitalising the scalp keeping it clean from dandruff which in turn stops hair fall due to healthy scalp.  We use the most powerful natural ingredients giving you the hair you deserve.



How To Use Momentous Ayurvedic Regrowth Scalp Oil



Use a grapes size amount on just one area to test the product before using it all over your hair and beard

*Do not buy if you are allergic to any of the ingredients*

Use KOAM. Momentous Scalp Oil as a pre-treatment before washing your hair to help rejuvenate the hair roots and follicles and support faster and stronger hair (re)growth.

Part your hair in sections and nourish your hair with a few drops down the section straight onto the  roots with the oil using the pipette and gently massage the thinning areas to help the scalp absorb the formula.

Ahhhh, sit back, relax, feel free to give yourself as long and luxurious massage if you like :) 

We recommend leaving on for ­1-3 hours. The longer the better. Can be left longer or over night Wash your hair with a herbal/mild shampoo. For best results, use 2-3 times a week.








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