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KOAM. is here to bring you a natural way towards healthy hair. All our products are completely natural, straight out of the ground, allowing you to live in harmony with our planet, while taking care of yourself too. Our Ayurvedic hair treatment will have amazing results on your hair, and help promote your health and wellness for many years to come.

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Scalp Oil

Strengthen, Lengthen, Nourish and Revive. Grow the hair you deserve letting nature give you your confidence back!

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An Ayurvedic pure formula regrowth oil perfectly designed to regrow new hair/bald patches.




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You can buy our Ayurvedic treatments for a range of effects, to help the health of your hair, promote growth, improve volume, and improve scalp condition:






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Let the planet help you, whilst you help the planet

Ayurveda is the art of daily living in harmony with the law of nature, which dates back thousands of years. It's an ancient natural wisdom of health and healing, a science of life: Ayur meaning “life” and Veda meaning “science”. We provide high quality, Ayurvedic hair treatments, which have been tested by ourselves for their quality and authenticity.

If you are suffering from unusual amount of hair thinning, know that you are not alone. Eighty percent of men and women report having hair problems. The founder of KOAM. was exactly in that position and designed the perfect Ayurvedic regrowth oil to combat her hair problems, and wanted to help other people feel the love for their hair again as she did.







Helping your hair and you too

Our daily lives are hectic, and the intense routines we are forced to live in have an adverse effect on our health and our bodies. Here at KOAM, we know your hair is every man and woman's crown. When your hair feels and looks amazing you feel amazing!! We offer a range of Ayurvedic hair treatments, to help with this, including our scalp oil and shampoo bars. We recommend 6 months to really see the benefits of KOAM. Momentous Ayurvedic Regrowth Oil but we have seen results in as little as four weeks.

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About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an Indian medical philosophy, which is focussed on balance, moderation, and listening to your own body. Ayurvedic hair treatments are plant based, and in line with that outlook, our products are all completely out-of-the-ground natural.

If you are looking for holistic ways to look after your hair, have a browse through our store here. Everyone benefits from our Ayurvedic hair products: the planet and the people who use them.

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Best Sellers

Browse through our range of best-selling Ayurvedic hair treatments here, including scalp oil, shampoos and bamboo combs.

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Completely Eco Friendly. Wide tooth to prevent drag through your hair whilst stimulating your hair follicles. Best used on dry hair.
An Ayurvedic pure formula regrowth oil perfectly designed to regrow new hair/bald patches.





Mum of 3...

As a mum of 3 and my youngest being just 3 months old my hair was feeling limp and lifeless since ive been using Momentous my hair has life again and feels much thicker. Very happy x Amira H   |   September 27th 2022  |   Addingham

Would recommend ...

Would reccommend. Mark   |   October 3rd 2022  |   sheffield

Love this product and the fact its natural ...

I wanted something natural that actually works and I found it !! I have new baby hairs and my lengths and ends are so shiny. Thank you KOAM. Kate Merrit   |   15nd October 2022  |   Harrow, London

My edges are back ...

After 5 years of relaxing my hair my edges were really struggling, weak and thin. I've been using Momentous now for a month and a half and can already see such a difference. This stuff is amazing! Roshan P   |   22nd October 2022  |   Near London

Noticeably filled out the hair on my scalp ...

After 2 months of usage my hair has filled out considerably in some of the struggling areas I had on my scalp. Kurt   |   Novemeber 2nd 2022  |   Leeds

Definitely recommend ...

After just a couple of months my hair is looking and feeling more vibrant and soft. Before I had major dandruff issues, dry hair, volume both seemed to have been cured by Momentous :) Karla Robins   |   22nd November  |  

Eeeeek its working...

After having my baby girl I was loosing my hair massively every time i washed it. Thanks to KOAM. Momentous Regrowth Oil I have seen huge improvements and my hair is feeling much more like it was before my baby, healthy, strong and shiny. I cant believe how quickly Momentous ha transformed my hair. Luce   |   8th December 2022  |   Near Bradford

I would recommend ...

As an older lady I thought there was no hope for my thinning hair. I've been using Momentous for around 3 months now and my hair is thicker and I even have noticeable new hair growth around my hair line. Very Impressed Jean   |   12th December 2022  |   Bradfield

It worked for me...

Only used Momentous for 4 weeks and my beard definitely has filed in. I didn't realise the difference until I looked at my before picture H   |   19th December 2022  |   Sheffield


Thank you the length of my hair has grown quickly and the missing hair is growing back. Thank you! Donna Porter   |   28th December 2022  |   near manchester

Trust the process...

Really good product, trust the process! I had hair loss at the front of my scalp and its growing back. After 1 month i realised litlle hair sprouting out and filling in the gaps! Really happy with this product. Melissa Hague   |   5th Jan 2023  |  

I would recommend for post partum har loss...

After battling with postpartum hairfall I gave Momentous a go. After 7 weeks I started to see result on the sides of my hair. I've been using it for almost 3 months and my hair has been growing amazing Anita Hovarth   |   12th Jan 2023  |   Bradfield

So happy that I have benefitted from Momentous...

I’m happy to say that I’ve benefited from Momentous oil from the first few weeks I noticed new baby hair growing and I recommend everyone to get it for hair growth without hesitation. Noemi   |   22nd Jan 2023  |   Near Bradford

Very Happy...

I bought the oil to keep my hair in great condition and it has, my dandruff has gone and my hair is thick and shiny. Smells great too really happy Mara K   |   29th Jan 2023  |  

Helped my hair after my baby...

I’ve been using these for 6 months and helped me grow my finer edges back from postpartum hair loss also my hair longer and shinier! Will definitely keep ordering. Alysha K   |   7th Feb 2023  |   Braford


I was shocked at how much hair i lost once i started going through the menopause. I got recommended Momentous Regrowth oil to me by my friend and i was shocked. I experienced a lot less hair fall and much shinier hair. I feel like me again Kath   |   11th Feb 2023  |   sheffield

beard is softer and thicker...

I started using the oil to help my dry patches and soften my beard which it has done. i also found my beard thicker too. Bonus Benji   |   1 March 23  |   sheffield

Great Product ...

Really great product, you need to really trust the process! I had severe hair loss at the front of my scalp and with no hope it growing back. After 1 month i realised litlle hair sprouting out and filling in the gaps! Really happy with this product A khan   |   17th March 23  |   Near London

worked for my postpartum hair loss...

I was unsure whether or not this product would work for my postpartum hair loss. IT DID !! Slowly but surely i am regaining the hair around my hairline which i lost from having my baby 6 months ago. I would recommend x Jen Peters   |   28th March  |  

So glad I tried !!!...

I saw the oil on instagram and needed to give it a try. Best thing I ever did!! It changed my hair for the best Im forever thankful for my thicker hair. Thankuu Carlena   |   3rd April 2023  |   Liverpool

My beard is healthier ...

Defiantly a thicker beard and in a better condition. April 2023   |   Amir   |   Sheffield



Why choose us?

  • Natural - All our products are completely natural. Many beauty companies make this claim frivolously, but for us, ensuring every ingredient of every product is out-of-the-ground natural is integral to what we do.
  • Organic – All our Ayurvedic hair treatments are fully organic, with no harmful additives, and from sustainable and ethical sources.
  • Effective – Our clients and customers have provided us with glowing references of our products' effectiveness in helping scalp problems and alopecia.
  • Ayurvedic – All our products are created in accordance with Ayurvedic traditions and practices, designed to promote your inner health and wellbeing.

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