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All about KOAM

The name of KOAM is made up from the first two letters of my son's name and my own name, and is pronounced the same as ‘comb'. It began after I noticed the benefits of using Ayurvedic hair products on myself, and other people began requesting it too. From there, I have been sourcing and supplying the best quality Ayurvedic regrowth oil, and bamboo combs, so people can look after their hair the natural way, without damaging it with chemicals.

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Your hair is your crowning glory

Here at KOAM, we know your hair is every man and woman's crown. When your hair feels and looks amazing, you feel amazing! We recommend 6 months to really see the benefits of our Ayurvedic regrowth oil, but we have seen results in as little as 4 weeks.

Always remember: Happy healthy you means happy healthy hair! The Ayurvedic approach is to minimise stress and take a holistic view of your health to reduce potential injury to your hair, and the rest of you, from a toxic environment.










All organic

At KOAM, all our products are organic and chemical-free, being out-of-the-ground natural, and plant based. Using completely natural Ayurvedic regrowth oil, along with our shampoo, means you are keeping your hair free of chemicals, and minimising your scalp's exposure to potentially aggravating substances. This can result in amazing outcomes for people suffering scalp problems and alopecia.

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